The Bakery Condos
1111 South Peters

New Orleans , 70123
Warehouse District

    This factory, built for the "Consumer's Biscuit Co." was in its time a state of the art bakery. It was built in 1920 and was converted to apartments in 1992.  HRI the developer converted the apartments into Condos several years ago. The trend is to see rental units becoming fewer and fewer as these developments are converted into condominiums.


     The Bakery Condos were once a bakery built about 85 years ago. It still has the old ovens that are part of some of the units.  The condos are across the street from the Federal Fibre Mills condos and a block from the New Orleans Convention Center.

      The building is a four story building with 66 units that were converted from apartments into condos in 2002.  You get the Warehouse feel in the units that face the outside as they have warehouse windows, exposed brick, exposed beams and city views. The units that face the courtyard and atrium were built out when the building were apartments.

     What makes this condo association a little different is that most of the units are small one bedroom units of less than 500 sq. ft. There are some larger one bedroom and a few 2 bedroom units along with a few penthouse units.  

     Almost all the units have parking in the lot and garage. This is rare in the New Orleans Warehouse District for all units small and large to have parking. 

     The atrium provides an interior courtyard.  There is an outdoor pool and courtyard on the third floor.  An updated gym is on the first floor.  In 2014 a lot of updates such as painting, improvements to the common areas were done by the members. The gated entry provides security for the complex.

      The condo association has done a lot to make this a much nicer place. You have to make improvements about every ten years as things do get old. 

This is the Park across the street from Federal Fibre Mills and The Bakery Condos. You can see the Convention Center a block away.
Stairs and Elevator as you enter the complex
Common area in the Atrium
Common areas next to the swimming pool on 3rd floor rooftop
Swimming pool at the Bakery above the second floor
Secure enty from South Peters Street 

Lets look and see what the units look like....


The units on each floor and hallway are going to be similiar in style. The units will vary greatly after that. 

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115