Old Homes into Condos
New Orleans Conversions
Uptown, Garden District, French Quarter and University Area

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St. Charles Ave Conversion

In the older areas of town that were primarily residential, there were few warehouses, apartment buildings, office buildings to convert into condos. The demand for housing in these areas is great. This is especially true if you want the historic feel of high ceiling, large windows, tree shaded streets, balconies, wood floors and that uptown feel. Some of the issues you will face are parking and the general upkeep of the building. You have fewer owners and you will basically be the managers so the management is closer to you. it could be you. There are some developers that have put several units together which solves some of this. You can find some great locations in the heart of University area, Uptown, and the Garden District. This form of condo is expanding but most are in the areas unaffected by Katrina  flooding. I am going to give you a feel for this type
 of condo and relate some of what I have seen. There are many more choices so give me a holler and we can get started. Eric

High ceiling, large window, fireplaces, porches, pocket doors
on this Constance Street renovation give you some ideas
as the feel of an older family home converted into several units

Magazine Street Conversion with balconies, porches, in a great location
Enjoy the feel of these historic masterpieces without paying the price. 
You can always live in that suburban apartment so why not enjoy this 
lifestyle now. The units are of varying sizes and styles with a lot of 
details left in tact. This one has parking which is not an easy find.

The French Quarter faced turning smaller units into condos. 
Most of these units will date from the early 1800s well before cars and 
electric lights. You will find many doubles and larger house
 turned into 3-5 units.They are going to be much smaller than other 
areas of town. The condition of the units are going to vary greatly as 
they have been here for a while.

New Orleans Condos

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Marcus Bouler
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