The Commordore Condos
3300 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, La. 70115


     The Commodore Condos location near the intersection of Louisiana Avenue and S. Charles is on the New Orleans Streetcar line.  Its right next door to the Fresh Market that is on the corner. The 31 units were converted into condos in 2004. Most of the units will have parking which is in the rear.

      The unusual thing about the association is that most of the units are studio apartments. Most will have large bathrooms and a separate kitchen. There are few washer and dryers in the units but there is a small laudry on the first floor.  There is also a small gym on the first floor.

      The units have a great courtyard that features a fountain and several benches to sit and watch the streetcars rumble by.  There is a small park on the other side of the building on Toledano side. You are surrounded by a lot of large historic homes. 

      There are a few one bedroom units and a couple of two bedroom units.  I know this as a condo with studios that features a great location and nice historic common areas. Being small the condo fees are very reasonable. Parking is a big bonus and its easy visitor parking. 

     It's a great spot for a second home or for a student. Its about 30 blocks to Tulane and Loyola Universities.  About 30 blocks to the medical schools. 

Front Gate on St. Charles Avenue Condos, Commodore Condos
Courtyard at 3300 St. Charles Avenue Condos
There is a park on Toledano Street on the side of the Parking
Love these historic windows at 3300 St. Charles
Secure Side entrance of the Condos

Commodore Condos
3300 St. Charles Ave
Uptown New Orleans Condos

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Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115