Mayfair Condos in New Orleans


The Mayfair Condos
1783 Coliseum Street
New Orleans, La. 70130
Lower Garden District

    The Mayfair Condos were converted into condos in 2006.  They are right past Coliseum Square in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. The three story building has studios, one bedrooms and two bedroom units. Parking is in the rear of the building. It is gated and its also easy to park outfront. 

     The second and third floor condos are the best as they will have more windows, higher ceilings and natural light.  The units were nicely done with everything updated when they were converted inot condos. 


Mayfair Condos, 1783 Coliseum


 13 Condo Units near Coliseum Square in Uptown New Orleans


Large units with plenty of light with secure parking in rear of building



In commemoration of the 25th anniversary year of the Coliseum Square Association, Jim Blanchard, historic architectural archival artist, has created a print showing "Coliseum Place," early name for Coliseum Square, as it appeared in the late 1800's. Vignettes of eight New Orleans historic homes, depicted in their original state, surround a rendering of the park complete with its basins and fountains. As part of his grand classical design for the neighborhood, the park was originally laid out by Barthelemy Lafon in 1806-1807.
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Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115