1224 St. Charles Avenue
Lower Garden District
New Orleans, La. 70130


     The 1224 St. Charles Avenue Condos were completed in 2010.  They were converted from an old folks home into small condos. Everything was redone inside each unit. They were tastefully done and are still like almost new.  The 36 units are nicely done. 

     The units have large baths as they were built for handicapped people.  its nice to have a large shower. All the units have windows and views of the neighborhood.  The first floor is used as commercial and common areas.

    The units share a rather large gym for the 36 units.  Each unit has gated parking.  There is a nice courtyard and hot tub in the rear of the building. Large lobby and several other courtyards. Plenty of parking for visitors as well.

    There are no washer and dryers in the units but a large laundry on the first floor. Many of the units are for second homers. 

    All the electricity is in the condo fee. A lot of the units are under 500 sq. ft. but even the very small units have nice layouts. Some are under 300 sq. ft. Have lager windows really makes the small units look even larger. 

    The location on the St. Charles Avenue Street Car line is within walking distance of so many things.  All the parades will pass infront of the condos.  Walk to the Warehouse District and to the French Quarter.

Gated Parking area and front door to the condos
Right down the street from the Warehouse District

1224 Saint Charles Ave 
Condos on the Avenue
New for 2010!

    A new condo complex for 2010 located in the lower Garden District just blocks from Lee Circle.  The 3 story building has 36 units and are currently being renovated.  The condos are small but so is the price. The location with parking makes them worth looking at. The last I heard is that they are 50% sold which lets you know its got something going for it.

    This building was an assisted living center before being converted into condos. Its a place to look if you want an inexpensive place for the weekend or need a place as a student at this price. 

    The condo fees include all but cable and phone. 

     More updates on this complex as it becomes finished.  This is not my listing but have shown it and came away impressed with a couple of units at this price range.  The best units are the street views in my opinion as they will give you a lot of natural light and that makes a small unit look larger.


Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115