The Upperline Condos
Lyons and Coliseum
Historic Old School House to Condos
4848 Coliseum and 1116 Lyons


    I remember showing this condo complex in 2004. One of the first condos I showed in New Orleans.  The unit I showed was in an old classroom with windows down one side of the living area and kitchen.  The bedrooms were up. Just so much natural light and a great neighborhood feel. Today they are even better.

    The 20 units were converted from an historic school that was over 120 years old. The units are very different from each other. Some of the bottom floor units have little courtyards, Some of the units on the second floor are townhouse style units. Most of the units are tow bedrooms and larger units.

     There is parking all around the building.  There are several entrances. There are even school halls on the second floor. Parking is all around the building. There is a gym and storage area on the first floor. Its a great neighborhood to walk.

    The three story building has plenty of windows and lots of natural light. The ceilings are higher on the second and third floors. This is where the class rooms were. 

Parking is on all sides of the building. Entrance from Coliseum St.
Green spaces and fountain for the Condos....
Lots of Historic Features left in tack when renovated into condos
Love the school house windows that were once class rooms
Someone actually had to ring the bell for class to start...
Not far from the park, St. Charles Ave. and Magazine Street....

1114 Lyons Street 
Upperline Condos
New Orleans, La


Upperline Condos in Uptown New Orleans
1114 Lyons and Upperline, School House to Condos, New Orleans Uptown 


The Upperliner Condos, a converted School house in the middle of a nice Uptown New Orleans residential area within blocks of St. Charles and Magazine Street. Get yourself a blackboard and some erasers and relive your school days. A 20 unit complex with open floor plans, high ceilings, plenty of windows, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, rooftop patio,storage spaces, parking spaces. Some units are townhouse style units with a large living area with half bath and a small kitchen. The two bedrooms each have their own bath on the second floor.

  Moderate condo fees. There are not many of these in town. The rooftop view gives you a panoramic view of the city of New Orleans while relaxing in the Jacuzzi. The 2 bedrooms units are in the  300k-350k range with the one bedrooms being cheaper, there have been few resales but I thought the units were unique enough to feature the variety that New Orleans has to offer. Short bike ride to Audubon Park and Tulane University. Parking is around the school house and are reserved spots.


Uptown New Orleans Condos

New Orleans Condos/ Eric Bouler
The large windows allow for plenty of light inot each of the units.


New Orleans Condos Uptown EB
The school house windows in this unit give you some great views and light.


New Orleans Uptown Condos EB
All the units were updated as it is not that old and was a school before.


New Orleans Uptown Condos EB
The wood floors are impressive in this unit.


New Orleans Condos/ Eric Bouler
Between St. Charles Ave. and Magazine Street


New Orleans Condos Uptown EB


New Orleans Uptown Condos
Roof top area for Uptown Views


New Orleans Condos/ Skyline-EB
Skyline from the rooftop viewing areas.

See the Developers site for floor plans 

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115