Pecan Grove Townhomes
Old Jefferson, La 70121

Pecan Grove Townhomes
All the townhomes have garages and 3 bedrooms and two baths

The Pecan Grove town homes in Old Jefferson was one of the townhouse townhome projects in Jefferson Parish. The units started off going for 139k per unit and moved slowly at first. The development was taken over by another developer who did an upgrade on the original models and sold them for 179k per unit. That a little history behind the units that are roughly 4-8 years old. The development is basically one street. Townhouses became more popular as time went on because vacant land cost so much. a developer can cut his cost and put more into the structure.

The units are between 1500-1700 sq. ft. All the units have 3 bedrooms upstairs, a single car garage, small patio in the rear, fireplace ,laundry upstairs, large den with French doors opening onto a patio. At various stage upgrades were made to each unit with custom made cabinets, granite counter tops,
  and light fixtures. The larger units will have a breakfast area off the kitchen, otherwise the units are all very similar with the newer units at the end of the street generally being newer and having more upgrades.

Jefferson Townhomes Eric Bouler
All the units have a den in the rear that open onto a patio.

Pecan Grove townhomes
Shot of the back of the units from the street, all have fireplaces.

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115