List of Recent Updates
So Buyers will Know 
This will help Sale!
List on the Flyers to Hand Out

     The sellers can give me a list of the recent updates and the cost of what was done. One seller printed out what he spent and I did a flyer and copied his updates. This lets the buyers and their agents know how the value is increased and the unit is better some of the competitors. Knowledge of updates is a great thing to pass along and give out with the flyers to the unit and the condo association.

     I also save the and give them to the appraisers so they can feel positive about all the updates. Many updates have been done in the last 7-8 years so it is good to pass the updates and the approximate cost to the buyers. It is a very positive way to help the sale.



Condo Complex Updates

Recent Updates of the Association

Recent Updates From Assessments

   Always worth having the buyers know about recent updates on previous assessments. This is not nearly as common as updates to the units. But great to let buyers and agents know about what was done and when.

      The 1205 St. Charles has assessments for 2017 and 2018 to replace all the windows in the building and replace all the electric panels. They also added the extra money into reserves for future updates and fixes. Also good to know how much condo associations have in reserves for future fixes and updates.     

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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