Listing Your Condo
With an Experienced Agents Means a Lot
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Exposure of the Condo !

Take Good Photos
     I take a lot of nice photos of the condo and the complex. I write some of the things people like on the photos so they will know the positives. Best to take photos of all the positive common areas. It is also OK to take photos of the nearby neighborhood. Many people who look at condos in New Orleans may be buying them as second homes. That is why the common areas and neighborhoods help. 

    I write some of the more positive issues of the condo on the photo. Best to write the one best for a particular photo. Buyers can see these easily.

      Recently started putting the flyers, blogs and pages of the listings on Facebook as I have about 17,000 friends that see what I am doing. Other agents and past clients get to see the new listings and all the details about the unit, recent updates, Common Areas and the Neighborhoods.

Showing where the condo is in the building is a nice feature. Having windows with views is important. Being a corner unit is also positive.

      Always good to show the views from the various windows that the condo unit has. Having lots of natural light is a plus. Having curtains, blinds and shutters is also a positive. 

  Mention the high ceiling on photo is a big plus. High ceiling make the condos look and feel larger. 
Notice the New BathroomNotice the New Kitchen

Adjacent Parks in this NeighborhoodThe Street Views of the Association

Running the Photos on the Garden Realtors Channel 4 WWL TV does help with Exposure

Flyers to Hand out to Neighbors & Buyers

    Making flyers to hand out to potential buyers, neighbors and their friend and family gives them all the positives about the condo for sale. They take them for reviews and give them to friends. Also a plus to have flyers of the condo association also. 

       Flyers for the Recent Updates and Flyers of the Condo Association Common areas let the buyers remember and see the positives of the condo association. 


Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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