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Recent Open House at Federal Fibre Mills

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      This a condo that we the ad on TV at Channel 4 and did the open house. We had 25 potential clients that came to the open house Sunday 1-3. The ad on TV helped. I got a second agent from Gardner to help me. One of us would stand on the street by front gate. The other would sit inside by the security desk. Many people that looked at the unit owned a unit and may have had a friend or family member that may want o buy it. We gave then all the flyers about the unit and recent updates.

    With the two agents and the TV show helped so many people wanted to look at the condo. We had a variety sign up so we could email them the details about what they looked. The TV show open house does help us get more people stop by and look along with the renters, relatives, kids that like the complex.

    I have done so many open houses at the Federal Fibre Mills and have sales there. Found out now that I need to give all the details about the association to the buyers as it means a lot to them. You can see some of my other listing there. Over time we learn more about the association and what the positives are.



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