Condo in Jefferson Parish
Old Metairie, Metairie, Old Jefferson, 
Harahan, River Ridge and Kenner

     Most of the Condos in Jefferson are in Complexes that were built as condos or later converted into condos from apartments.  The prices are dramatically less expensive than in the City of New Orleans.  It is easy to find a nice condo here that is going to cheaper than paying rent.  Parking is no issue.  Many of the larger complexes will have amenities and plenty of common areas.

    The condo fees will also be lower in most all cases. The insurance, water and upkeep will be cheaper.  You will find fewer second home buyers in the area.  It however is some place that people should begin to look as there will be some great buys at half the price of units in New Orleans less than 10-15 minutes away.

    You will also begin to see more town homes in these areas where the zoning permits. You just get more with a town home as you are sharing a lot with another town home. There are several town home developments and many neighborhood town homes in the older neighborhoods of Old Metairie and Metairie.

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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