New Orleans Condos Harahan and River Ridge

River Ridge and Harahan Real Estate


70123, areas 22,24

Harahan is primarily a bedroom community and city between Old Jefferson and River Ridge along Jefferson Highway. The real estate values are roughly the same as River Ridge. The area is known for its treed streets, small town feel, and an easy commute to all areas of town. Harahan has it own city government, police station , and various city servies. Harahan playground, Colonial Country Club, the Mississippi River Levee, good schools, an easy commute make this a nice area. Being next door to Elmwood business park is a large plus and an easy drive to the CBD or Uptown areas of New Orleans.

 Subdivisions of Harahan, Harahan Oaks , Imperial Woods &


Riverdale High School

Harahan Elementary School


 Harahan Census Facts

 Population (year 2000): 9,885, Est. population in July 2002: 9,812 (-0.7% change)
Males: 4,686 (47.4%), Females: 5,199 (52.6%) Elevation: 7 feet
Parish : Jefferson
Land area: 2.0 square miles
Zip code: 70123
Median resident age: 41.4 years 
Median household income: $44,702 (year 2000)
Median house value: $135,200 (year 2000), this price usually doesn't in todays market 2004


River Ridge Real Estate

 River ridge is going to extend from Harahan to Kenner along the Mississippi River. The area is much like Harahan except River Ridge is not a city but an area of Jefferson Parish. The lots are going to get bigger along with the homes. There are many large homes on large treed lots. the prices are going to range from 140k to a milloion and more. There are not a lot of defined subdivions except for Paradise Manor. Hazel Park is the local publis school. John Curtis school is located in River Ridge. The area features an easy commute via Earhart extension, Jefferson highway, or Airline highway. The area is beginning to have a number of teardowns where the lots are a little larger. The country feel near the city with ever increasing land values. Primarily a residential area with businesses along Jefferson Highway. There is finally several good places to eat because Elmwood Shopping area is so close. The creeks apartments are a big drawn to the area, very large complex  near Elmwood.

 I do a lot of my business in this area because I live in Harahan. I have seen most of the homes that were for sale in the area so I know when a great buy comes along. People rarely overpay for properties in this area and nver when they have me for their agent. I know the areas that are prone to flood and the little tidbits that will payoff for you. These areas don't usually have a lot of the nicer homes availiable because people tend to be a little more settled in the area.  
Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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