Old Jefferson Real Estate

 These are the areas that extend along Jefferson Highway from New Orleans to Harahan and Elmwood along the Misssissippi River from Airline highway to the Mississippi River. Real Estate map area,26,27.


Areas 27,26, ( Old Jefferson ) , Area 24 ( Harahan ), Area 22 ( River Ridge )

 Old Jefferson 70121 Area 27

 Old Jefferson is an older area of East Jefferson with most homes being built in the late 1930's to the mid 1950's. Most of the homes closer to Oschner are raised cottages dating to the early 1940's. The demand of the area is due to being close in, and rising property values uptown, Oschner hospital, and the development of Elmwood business park. Most of the house were around 1000 sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms and one bath, many have been added onto but the average size house remains small. the most identifiable subdivision is Rio Vista. The more original a house, the more valuable. The average prices for homes in the area is 130-160 range with some above and some below this figure. Convenient to town with low property taxes and low crime. Easy access to all areas by using River road, Jefferson highway, Earhart extension and Airline highway. The area is not large in size and is mixed with commercial so there will never be a lot of homes for sale. The River side is going to be more expensive as there is only 3-4 blocks.

 Old Jefferson 70121 , Area 26

 This area is going to get more expensive as a rule and the houses will generally be larger. The area starts along Jefferson Highway from Causeway To almost Clearview where it runs into Elmwood Industrial area. This area has distributions centers,small offices,Jefferson Parish Office complexes,as well large stores as Wal-mart Super center, Home Depot, Sports Academy, Pier One, Pets Smart, Office Max and many local restaurants. The area between Jefferson Highway and the Mississippi River levee is very popular. Jefferson playground, Audubon Trace condos, River Road, take a large chunk of land out of the area. There are numerous upgrades going on in the area. The lots become larger as well as the homes. There are even a few new homes starting to sprout up in the area, but it remains an area of mostly 1950's cottages are the most popular homes. So if you want a raised cottage with wood floors this is a great area to look. Is a lot cheaper than Old Metairie and Lakeview but has appreciated as well as any area of the city. You still get tree shaded street with large oak trees and lanscaped yards. You are close to a number of roads and highways that lead into town. You are half block to a mile and a mile and a half from our community are: River Road, Causeway Boulevard, Earhart Expressway, and Interstate 10. There is the added convenience of having a public service bus-stop right outside the north entrance. Harahan and Elmwood Shopping centers are a short drive away for eats, movies, and Elmwood fitness center. Short commute to uptown, downtown, Oschner , LSU and Tulane med schools, Metairie and to the west bank via the Huey P. Long Bridge. This is a sample of the types of homes you will find , of course I shot the better homes.

   Old Jefferson Links and things nearby


Riverdale High School

 Audubon Park

 Audubon Trace Condos

 Audubon Golf Course

Ochsner Clinic

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