New Orleans French Quarter



St. Louis Cathedral

If there is a signature scene for New Orleans, it is this beautiful church and not a Mardi Gras float. Since 1720, Catholics of New Orleans have worshipped in a succession of churches built on this site. The Church has hosted notables in both American and world history ? from General Andrew Jackson to the Pope.


The Historic French Quarter


The Pontalba

Would you believe that the oldest apartment complex in America is right here in New Orleans. The Pontalba was owned, developed and managed by a colorful character in New Orleans history, the Baroness Michaela Pontalba. It remains a prestige address in the French Quarter with a long waiting list for occupancy.



French Quarter Entertainment



People Watching


Getting a glimpse like these photos should make you want more. There is much more to the quarter than Bourbon Street and the t-shirt shops. Spend your time looking and finding what you may enjoy. The French Quarter is a walk away from the Warehouse District and the Faurbourg Marigny, it's a ferry ride away from Algiers.











French Quarter Unique Stores and Shops



Hotels and Great Food












The Living French Quarter


No visit to New Orleans is complete until you visit the French Quarter. This wonderful area has it all: exquisite architecture, history, elegant shops, lacy ironwork, jazz clubs, and, of course, Bourbon Street. There is really nothing else quite like it in this country, and you must walk the cobblestone streets to savor it all.

The first thing to remember about the French Quarter is that this area is authentic, not a reproduction of history. Many of the buildings found here date back to the 1700's, and most of the architecture is Spanish, not French. The entire area consists of 120 blocks, nestled on the bend of the Mississippi River.

The second thing to remember is that the French Quarter is a thriving neighborhood, with residents and businesses that have inhabited the area for generations. There are private homes, condominiums, apartments, as well as small grocery stores, restaurants, museums, banks, a police station and other services.




French Quarter Gardens
Unique Garden Expressions


Using the sidewalk gives quite a show of his or her green thumb.


Behind the gates courtyards are very common.


Individual expression of green thumb for all to enjoy.


Balconies that come alive with planters and hanging baskets.


French Quarter Park


French Quarter Balconies





French Quarter Photos




The most common definition of the French Quarter includes all the land stretching along the Mississippi
from Canal Street to Esplanade Avenue  and in land to Rampart Street . Some definitions, such as city zoning laws, exclude the blocks facing Canal Street (which had already been redeveloped by the time "preservation" was considered) and the section between Decatur Street and the River, much of which had long served industrial and warehousing functions. Any alteration to structures in the remaining blocks is subject to review by the "Vieux Carré Commission," which determines whether the proposal is "appropriate" for the historic character of the district.

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