Metairie Real Estate


 Metaire in terms of real estate are areas 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 (Old Metairie) The areas are divided by natural boundries such as main streets, lakes, rivers, subdivisions, canals, areas, and towns. The areas will have common characteristics but will vary per area as I will point out. The Older areas will have little resemblence to todays subdivisions or gated communities, as they blend togeather.


Metaire Real Estate Areas

 Metairie , area 14


This area between W. Esplanade and the lake is prime Metairie real estate. The value trend is to get more expensive as you move from Kenner and towards  Causeway. Getting closer to the lake generally means a more expensive location. The average age of a home is this area is 30 to 40 years old. You will pay for a larger yard. The commute time to anywhere in Metairie is minimal and a 30-40 minute commute to the CBD. Prices start at about 200k for a dated home. The subdivisions are hard to distinguish from each other. The public and private schools are listed below. The ground is expensive here.

Lakeside and the Esplanade mall are close. East Jefferson hospital is across the street. Veterans Blvd., your downtown street of Metairie is also close. Lake access is in Kenner and from the Bonnabel boat launch in area 18.
Area is 99% residential except for churches, playgrounds and schools. Values continue to rise due to location. New homes are far and few between. Taxes are low, crime is low, schools are good, and many of the houses need updating.
You will get the money back if you do the correct things, ask Eric what they are?
Lake trail Kenner end of area

 Metairie is a large unincorporated area which surrounds Harahan on three sides, and sits between Orleans Parish, Kenner, and the Mississippi river. Though once mostly residential, the area has built up a healthy business center in recent years. One of it´s claims to fame is the longest bridge over water in the world, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. The Causeway connects Metairie with St. Tammany Parish on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Technically, Lake Pontchartrain is not a lake at all, but an estuary with a large salt-water content. It has 610 square miles and is joined with the Mississippi Sound. It is the largest inland estuary in the United States. The Lake is a popular birdwatching area with places set aside for the fans to watch the birds. The Purple Martins fly in huge formations during the summer months, peaking during July.
 Metairie is not a city and has no mayor or local government of its own. As part of Jefferson Parish, Metairie is governed by the Jefferson Parish Council.  Metairie Ridge was once incorporated as a city  for approximately 17 years  in order to allow the area to obtain gas service. In 1927 its one and only Mayor, C.P. Aicklen, arranged for gas service to Metairie. However, less than 18 months later, Metairie Ridge was unincorporated and Metairie has existed as an unincorporated area (with gas service) ever since. Over 68,000 friendly families or approximately 165,000 people live in Metairie\'s five zip codes (70001, 70002, 70003, 70005 and 70006). Jefferson Parish has many cities, including the Cities of Kenner,Harahan, Gretna, and Grand Isle. Metairie, the heart of Jefferson Parish, forms a part of the Greater New Orleans metropolitan area and is technically an unincorporated part of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Metairie residents have no mayor and no City taxes,but still pay Parish taxes. Unlike the other 49 states, Louisiana, due to its French heritage, has parishes rather than counties.

 Metairie, Louisiana Private Schools



Alpha Montessori School - Metairie Louisiana
Archbishop Chapelle High Sch - Metairie Louisiana
Archbishop Rummel Sr Hi Sch Bo - Metairie Louisiana
Crescent City Baptist School - Metairie Louisiana
Ecole Classique - Metairie Louisiana
Heritage Academy - Metairie Louisiana
Kehoe France School - Metairie Louisiana
Kinder Haus Mont Prsch-chdcare - Metairie Louisiana
Lutheran High School - Metairie Louisiana
Memorial Baptist Chrn School - Metairie Louisiana
Metairie Park Country Day Scho - Metairie Louisiana
New Orleans Jewish Day School - Metairie Louisiana
Our Lady Of Divine Providence - Metairie Louisiana
Parkway Presbyterian - Metairie Louisiana
Ridgewood Preparatory School - Metairie Louisiana
St Angela Merici - Metairie Louisiana
St Ann Elementary School - Metairie Louisiana
St Benilde - Metairie Louisiana
St Catherine Of Siena - Metairie Louisiana
St Christopher Elem School - Metairie Louisiana
St Francis Xavier School - Metairie Louisiana
St Louis King Of France School - Metairie Louisiana
St Martins Episcopal School - Metairie Louisiana
St Philip Neri - Metairie Louisiana
St. Edward The Confessor Schoo - Metairie Louisiana
Torah Academy - Metairie Louisiana
Victory Christian Academy - Metairie Louisiana


Metairie Public Schools


Bridgedale Elementary School
Ella Dolhonde Elementary School
East Jefferson High School
Phoebe Hearst School


J. D. Meisler Middle School
Grace King High School


T. H. Harris Middle School
Joseph S. Maggiore Senior Elementary School
Green Park Elementary School
Rudolph Matas School
John Q. Adams Middle School
Bissonet Plaza Elementary School
Ralph J. Bunche Middle School
Harold Keller Elementary School
Airline Park Elementary School


Metairie Grammar School
Marie B. Riviere Elementary School
V. C. Haynes Middle School
J. C. Ellis Elementary School


Alice M. Birney Elementary School

River Ridge Schools


Hazel Park/Hilda Knoff School

Metairie Parks and Playgrounds

 Lafreniere Park

Lafreniere Park a 155-acre park located in central Metairie which features picturesque lagoons, seasonal boating, lots of ducks, several children\'s  play grounds, fine landscaping  (including some manmade hills), a snack bar, baseball fields, covered shelters,  a manmade swamp  (complete with neutria), a frisbee golf  course,  a two mile jogging path,  and two outdoor recreational/exercise centers. The park is accessible by car from Veterans Boulevard at Downs Boulevard on the north and from  a newer entrance on West Napoleon on the south.

A popular walk through the Park\'s lagoon.

The Jeff fest live music and entertainment festival is held in Lafreniere Park annually.  Lafreniere Park is the largest park in Metairie and  is one of the best recreational spots in Metairie. Good for a picnic or a game of softball. At the center of the park is the Pavilion, a natural wood structure designed as a multi-purpose outdoor center. The Pavilion is used throughout the year for weddings, parties, Christmas caroling and much more. Each Christmas the park is lighted with seasonal lights and features various events. With its and landscaping and parking, the park is perfect for family recreation. 

  Metairie Playgrounds

Johnny Bright Playground    838-1037

Cleary Playground  838-1033

3401 Cleary Ave., Metairie, LA 70002 Mon-Fri 9 AM-10 PM & Sat 9AM-5PM
Tommy Littleton - Center Supervisor
Robert Otero - Asst. Center Supervisor
Ryan Ardon - Girls Programs

3700 Civic Ave., Metairie, LA 70001
Mon-Fri 9 AM-10 PM & Sat 9AM-5PM
Robin Alexander - Center Supervisor
Byron Phillips - Asst. Center Supervisor

Delta Playground  736-8463

Girard Playground  838-1038

8301 W. Metairie Ave., Metairie, LA 70003
Mon-Fri 9 AM-10 PM & Sat 9AM-5PM
John DiMaggio - Center Supervisor
Charlie Brandsetter - Asst. Center Supervisor
Claire Moyer - Girls Programs

5300 Irving St., Metairie, LA 70003
Mon-Fri 9 AM-10 PM & Sat 9AM-5PM
Bill Hebert - Center Supervisor
Mike Lavigne - Asst. Center Supervisor
Rich Cazaubon - Girls Programs

Metairie Playground 838-1035

Lakeshore Playground 838-1034

1521 Palm St., Metairie, LA 70001
Mon-Fri 9 AM-10 PM & Sat & Sun 9AM-5PM
Tommy Bryant - Center Supervisor
Tony Hebert - Asst. Center Supervisor
Luis Aldana - Girls Program

1125 Rosa Ave., Metairie, LA 70005
Mon-Fri 9 AM-10 PM & Sat 9AM-5PM
Larry Gaff - Center Supervisor
Harold Buehler - Asst. Center Supervisor
Erin Ruddock - Girls Programs

Miley Playground  736-8461

6716 W. Metairie Ave., Metairie, LA 70003
Mon-Fri 9 AM-10 PM & Sat & Sun 9AM-5PM
Tim O\'Quinn - Center Supervisor
George Wyman - Asst. Center Supervisor
Mike Timmreck - Girls Program

General Information About the Homestead Exemption




Area 11  David Drive to Kenner between Airline and Veterans
 Area 12 Airline Park , Airline Park North
 Area 13 
 Area 15
 Area 16 Bridgedale, Between Clearview and Transcont.
 Area 17
 Area 18 Its not Old Metairie but close, from 1-10 towards the lake,old neighborhoods and good schools
 Area 19 Old Metaire, the old Metairie ridge runs along a natural ridge and was one of the first suburbs of New Orleans

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  2004-2005 School Calendar New!! 

 Jefferson Parish Transit System Map

 Elmwood Fitness Center, A Division of Ochsner Clinic Foundation

Jefferson Performing Arts Society
1118 Clearview Parkway
Metairie, Louisiana 70001
Phone: 504 885 2000

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115