1544 Camp Street Condos
Corner of Orange and Camp
Lower Garden District
New Orleans, La. 70130


     The ten units in the building was converted into condo in 2006-2007. Thre is a combination of one and two bedroom units. The nicer units are the front porch and front balcony units. The more expensive units did came with gated parking in the rear of the building. The condos had wood floors, high ceilings, balconies and lots of natural light in most of the units.


    The exterior got a facelift in 2013 and looks much nicer. The complex is but a short stroll to the Coliseum Square. The building is a two story with stairs in rear and the front. 

    Street Parking is real easy if the unit did not have parking.  There have been a couple of resales since the original sales with the units selling quickly as they were almost new. 

    I sold one of the 2/2 with a balcony and parking for 219k.  My client keep thinking he was not getting a great deal. Well !  two years be is easily up 30k-50k as the area is becoming a more demand area with few units for sale. 

    I sold another unit in the building in 2013 and that was the last resale in the building. The building today looks so much better tha it did when the developer finished in 2007.

The Neighborhood is Great
Lower Garden District

Lower Garden District Statue 
St. Vincent's Guest House on Magazine, Block Away
Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115