The Condos at 1520 St. Mary Avenue
 in New Orleans
Take a look at Condo G at 1520 St. Mary as this will give you a more in depth look at the units and get a feel for the area. 

1520 St. Mary Condos
Block from St. Charles
Lower Garden District

1520 St. Mary Condos, New Orleans Lower Garden District

1520 St. Mary Condos, Features Front Porch and Side Balconies

     The 1520 St. Mary Condo complex is half a block off St. Charles Avenue on a one way street.  Its close to the Warehouse District, Close to the Street Car line, Close to Magazine Street with easy street parking.

      I recently had a listing of a large one bedroom in the complex and may be the best way to show off the units.  Take a look at 

     The 8 unit complex is made out of a double town home that was popular in this area from 1860 to 1900.  The condos are like 2 sets of four to make the 8 units.  The high ceilings, wood floors, abundant windows give the units lots of natural light.  The rooms tend to be on the large size and were upgraded in 2007 when the condos were converted.

      The Units have moderate condo fees for units this size. There is a small courtyard on the side of the building.  There is no parking but its easy to find a place almost all the time within a hundred feet of the front door. Security at front door.

1520 St. Mary Condos, View From Unit G

Old Fireplaces were left in tact for that look...


The Lower Garden District is Full of Small Condo Associations...

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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