1122 Felicity Street Condos
Saint Catherine Condos
Lower Garden District
New Orleans 70123


    The St. Catherine's Condos are 1122 Felicity were once two 1850's Greek Revival  Town Homes.  The Historic features have been left in tact for all to enjoy. Two units in front have porches. Two units have porches. The two units on the lower level in the rear have fenced patios and the tow upper units have balconies on both sides of the condos.

   The nine units have tall ceilings, wood floors and lots of natural light.  There is parking on the side for all nine units. The brick fireplaces have been left in tack to enjoy.  They were once coal burning fireplaces.

    Some of the units have really been updated and others have not been. Most of the recent resales have been in great shape. I have sold two units in the building and both parties love the location and the features.

    You are a block from Magazine Street and a short walk to Coliseum Square. You are surrounded by Historic homes and there are quite a few condos within 6-8 blocks as many of the multi-family units have been turned into condos.

Balconies and Porches, Lots of Natural Light

Neighborhood Around the Condos
Very Walkable Area

Have fun learning and pronouncing the Streets
Coliseum Square Fountain and Park, Lots of Green Space
50 Yards to Magazine Street...
Down the block are plenty of Historic Homes

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115