Our local New Orleans real estate Board does not allow individual agents to have all the listings on their sites so here is a link to the brokers site so you can search to get some ideas. For more specifics and in depth knowledge of the New Orleans Condo Market just send 
Eric an e-mail with your needs. The Prudential Gardner site can give you a variety of views as you can see below. 

     It will give you all the listings regardless of what company Lists the property.

 View All Condos for Sale ! Click Here


     You can search from a map like this in a number of ways.  A broad search to get some ideas is the best way to view. Use zip code areas, Neighborhoods, Price Ranges and Bedrooms and Baths.  For the best in detail searches just let me know what you need! 

 Very Specific New Orleans Real Estate Neighborhoods

How to start Your Condo Search ?

Your preferred price range ?

What extras you would like? Pets? Parking? Views? Common Areas?

 Type of Condo, Large or Small Complex?

Determine what loan you will qualify for? 

Your preferred down payment?

Which types of financing are best for you? 

How long do plan to live in your condo?

Where would you like to live? Location !

Some Tips on Condos !

     Know what condos are selling for in the building and in the area. What    are the trends ? Houses in the area ? Resale Value of Condo? Are these condos easily duplicated?

· Know what the condo fees cover ? What are the Condo Fees?_______ Water__ Gas __Utilities__ Exterior maintenance __ Pest Control__ Parking__ Homeowners Insurance__ Flood Insurance__ Security__ . Interior insurance for your contents are not covered, most times it is only the exterior and you will need additional Ins. for inside and contents.

· Condo documents will be examined to determine what modifications can be made in your unit. Condo assessments are paid by owners when a major repair needs to be done and there is not enough in reserve. Check the entire condo association as to the overall condition because you pay in the end.

· Security of the area and the condo association itself. Check out the immediate area during day and at night. Parking and on site security. Guest parking ?

· Condo taxes are the same as for homes if it is your primary residence, you will get a 75k homestead exemption. Taxes are usually the only thing held in escrow by the lender.


What do you want and need in the Condo?

Area_____ Price Range____ Size___ Bedrooms____ Bathrooms ___ Parking___ Commute time___ Style of condo, flat or townhouse, ___ Gated___ Financing___ Washer/Dryer, Taxes____, Pets___Size of Association____, Resale Value____ Pool/spa ___, Condo Fees___

 Why should you get pre-approved for a mortgage ?

Getting a pre-approved mortgage is a great way to get started. With a mortgage approval, you will be in a better position to negotiate with sellers. You will also be able to close on a property quicker than other buyers. This shows the seller how serious you are about the property, and it will make the seller more comfortable working with you. 

In a "seller's market," or where supplies are limited, a pre-approved mortgage is essential.

In a "buyer's market" the loans and loan qualifications are changing Monthly.

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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