The Ambrose Condos
1111-1113 Second Street
2415 Magazine Street
Garden District Condos

1111-1113SecondStreetCondos.jpg The Condos on the Corner of Second and Magazine Street
Historic Town Home Building over 100 years old to Condos
Parking is between and behind the Magazine Street Building
The newer of the two building is on Magazine Street...
2415 Magazine Street Front door
Each Building has front doors for many of the units, Just Walk Out

     This complex is unique in that the developer took an historic town home and turned it into condos on the corner of Second Street and Magazine. He then built a new building next door with parking in the rear. Both building fit perfectly into the historic Garden District Neighborhood.

    The 12 units are larger than most in the neighborhoods. The 1111-1113 are more historic in nature as a lot of the historic features were incorporated into the condos as they were being redone. brick fireplaces, wood floors, high ceilings, balconies, large windows, large rooms and lots of natural light. 

    The 2415 Magazine was built to have much the same feel as the corner building. Parking for the units are behind this building. The entire project is gated and has ample green space for all to enjoy.

    The project was done in 2003 which was the time developers figured they could do complete remodels and people would buy them. This type of space is very hard to find these days.

   One of the best features of this complex is that you can love to walk the neighborhood. See mansions, Shop, Eat and Drink within Blocks.  Just so much to do within a 6 block radius. 


Lets Take a Quick Look at the Neighborhood

Victorian Home Across the Street on Magazine
A few homes down the street on Magazine
Tracy's for Eats and Drinks on 3rd Street
Walking the Neighborhood...

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Marcus Bouler
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