2338-2334 Magazine Street  
Garden District Condos

    The Garden Edge Condos more than likely were once apartments and a home next door.  They are some of the older condos in the blocks near the Garden District.  They are one and two bedroom units.  There is parking underneath and in a rear lot.  The lot is much deeper than one would think.  There is also a small pool in the rear of the condos with a patio. 

     The 13 units are one and two bedroom units.  I sold a really updated 2/1 with two balconies for 175k in the Summer of 2010.  My client got a good deal for the money.  Hard to get parking and a two bedroom for that price.  She was going to Loyola Law School and loved the fact you could walk to the grocery, hardware stores and coffee shops.   

    Her mother was from New Orleans and she will more than likely keep it as a second home once she finishes school.  She will have a bedroom when she visits as well. 

     These were painted an ugly blue and I never thought much of them until they were painted to fit into the neighborhood.  I had listings across the Magazine Street at the time selling for 350k.  That was in 2006 and the area has improved each year.     




Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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