French Quarter Condos   

     The French Quarter is going to have a large variety of condos that will vary in size, style and age. This page will give you a variety and feel for many of the condos that I see. I will be adding to this page going forward since there are so many small associations. 

    The vast majority of condos in the French Quarter will be used as second homes.  From the map below you can see that the Quarter is just not that large but there are a lot of properties as we review the condo associations.

    Most of the condo associations are small complexes of eight or less. Many will have small courtyards which cannot be seen from the street. Parking will not come with the majority of condos.


    The New Orleans French Quarter is unique in so many respects and so will the condos. The variety of style and types of condos that have been developed over time. Some of the first apartments in the United States were here. The first thing you are going to notice is the small size of the units and the various configurations. The buildings are old and the condos had to be squeezed in. There are going to be the condo complex of 12 or more and many more units of 2,3,4,6 and 8 units sandwiched in the quarter.

      I will show you a lot of photos and give a description of the larger associations. Parking will be a problem because people really don't need cars in the area. Many of the units are used as second homes and a place to get away from the modern world. Walking to eat at world famous restaurants, walking down Royal Street to view antiques, and having a party and a couple of brews are a short walk for all. There is nothing new but only renovations to preserve the original character of one of the oldest neighborhoods in North America. So nothing can be duplicated except at Disney World.


1004 Esplanade Avenue Condos in French Quarter, Historic Home to Condos
Moreau Castle Condos on Burgundy and Barracks Street
Courtyard of Condos on Chartres Street
Condos on St. Phillip Street with Galleries and French Doors
Pretty Hidden Condo Courtyard in French Quarter
The Historic Feel with a Balcony in a condo is Desired....

The Colonial Condos
1301 N. Rampart Street
New Orleans, 70116
Almost in French Quarter

    A favorite Condo association of mine. Its right across the street from the French Quarter but is in a newer building with plenty to offer along with secure gated parking. You can also rent an extra spot when needed.

    The 34 units are very large and small. All the units have gated parking,storage in basement, pool, exercise room, courtyard, guest room, balconies, wood floors, crown molding, open floor plan, natural light, and its all new in 2007.  The building was once a furniture store before becoming condos in a total redo.

     The fifth floors are home to million dollar penthouses. The basement or ground floor is home to storage and a guest room. Walk out to the courtyard and pool area. The moderate condo fees are also a nice factor. Being a newer redone building you will have less to repair in the immediae future.


1301 N. Rampart, Corner of Esplanade Avenue
Old Four Plex on Royal Street is now condos
1350 Bourbon Street Condos near Esplanade Avenue

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115