French Quarter Condos and Balconies

    French Quarter Balconies are one of the most sought out features of condos in the New Orleans French Quarter Condo Market.  The numbers do not show up in the square footage prices but they are worth thousands of dollars.  Its the feel and views to have a street balcony that tops the list. There are 2 types of balconies...The Gallery and a standard balcony. Many times they are just grouped togeather.

    A Gallery is connected to the ground which allows them to be larger and have roofs. They are supported by columns and can be as high as three stories. Just open your window and hop out. Most condo units that face the street do not have doors to get out. Just crawl out the window.  Many of the interior balconies do have french doors to exit that over look patios and pools.

    I love taking photos of the galleries and balconies.  They are terrific for hanging baskets, decorating, getting a lot of natural light inot the unit, getting fresh air in, hearing and see the local street sounds. New Orleans is one of the few places in the United States where balconies and porches are adored and used....

This is a row of Galleries on Chartres Street in the French Quarter
Small Balcony in French Quater, No Supports,still a great look and view...
It's the views, It's the activity, sites, smells and sounds.........
French Quarter Corners, Lots of Balconies...
These Plants do not just grow on their own...They are well taken care of....
The first and oldest apartments in the United States with plenty of Balconies
Many times Balconies over looking courtyards are not seen from the street
NOLA is full of Balconies & Porches, Garden District, Just a different look...
Residential Homes in Uptown New Orleans have all kinds of Balconies

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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