627 Ursuline Street #3
New Orleans French Quarter Condo

Elegant Condo Sold $375k, 2008

New Orleans French Quarter condos
627 Ursulines in New Orleans French Quarter

    One of the things you will find in the French Quarter is the  variety in the selection of condos both bad and good. You do not have a lot of complexes so most of an agents sales are not repeat  sales in the same buildings as mine generally do in the Warehouse District nearby.

    This is a great unit in a small complex of nine units with very little turnover in the units.  Our customer wanted a unit with a balcony that was between Bourbon and the river that was priced below 350k.  He was going to use it as a second home and for company entertaining.  The search center around the view form the balcony and the street itself.

     We found a couple that fit the bill but the price was not right.  This one fit all the elements except that of price.  It was much better than our clients favorite and the unit was much bigger.  It was just reduced to 399k when we first saw the unit. I knew this was the best we had seen but it was over budget. A offer was written and was refused as it just had been reduced. We pegged the value at about 375k when we ran the numbers. 

    Almost two months passed and nothing new had come along worth making an offer.  This unit was still available, our buyer when up and the sellers accepted our offer of 375k.  They agreed to all the necessary repairs which centered around the electrical panel not having enough capacity.  When electricity was added to the unit no one was even thinking television, computers or dishwashers.

     After about 6 months of looking the right one came along with the ingredients that our client was looking for.  Many times second homes tend to be very fast or a little slower depending on what you are looking for.  This is the nature of the French Quarter sometimes.  Other times you find it right off the bat.

French Quarter Condo
Fireplace and mantle, high ceiling, lots of windows and an historic View 

French Quarter Second homes
Wood plank floors , high doors, crown molding, and light fixtures add up.

French Quarter pocket doors
Historic pocket doors leads to large bedroom off the living area

Matt Piazza, Pres. of Total Home Inspection Service is getting ready to check the balcony that faces Ursulines Street a block frim Royal Street.

New Orleans French Quarter
Ursuline Street Looking to the Mississippi River, French Quarter Views

Street View from balcony

Le Trianon, New Orleans French Quarter
I really do not know what this means? Any Ideas?

627 Ursuline Street in New Orleans French Quarter


Kitchen in the rear of the unit had been updated.

Common area Patio of the condo complex

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115