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1350 Bourbon Street Condos
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French Quarter Condos
1350 Bourbon Street Condos-Beauregard House Condos

French Quarter Condos-Beauregard House Condos-1350 Bourbon Street

    The condos have a living area, bedroom, kitchen and small dining area.  Most of the condos open onto a balcony overlooking the courtyard below.  Parking does not exist for most condos in this price range in the Quarter but parking is available on the street or in nearby lots.  Having a quiet pool and courtyard can really add to the pleasure of the experience in the French Quarter. 

French Quarter Condos

     Its always interesting to see behind the gates to see the courtyards, patios and pools where people can enjoy themselves after the French Quarter nights and walks during the day. Best to take that walk early in the Summer heat of July and August because its brutal even for the locals.

1350 Bourbon Street, French Quarter Condos

     Currently there are three units in the building for sale.  The prices are $234,500, $235,000 and $250,00. The variables are location within the complex and the amount of updates that the units have.  Many times you can get a furnished unit for the sales price. The condo fees run about $310 per month and include upkeep of the common areas, Insurance, pool upkeep,management and maintenance.  The units have the same floor-plan as each other.  Good way to compare one with the other.

    Most of the units have a balcony directly on your front door.  The units with views of the streets are some of the better units. There is no elevators in the buildings nor do the smaller units have their own washer and dryer.

     Recent sales include two units, one in July of 2007 for $253,000.  The other was a larger unit that sold for $320,000 in February of 2008.  You do not have a large turnover in many of these complexes.  Its always a good idea to know the motivation of the seller  and what they initially paid for the unit.  That is why its always good to have a buyers agents to give you all the info and possible things you can do and ask for.

     However the units in this complex are now under 200k and at this price are a good buy.  There have been three recent sales under the 200k level. I think the prices here have bottomed out.

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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