1027 Chartres Street
Danny Barker Condos
French Quarter Condos



     The seven units that made up the Danny Barker House were a listing of mine several years ago. It was a real experience to be involved in the planning stages, conversion to condos, and the construction phase. The location was great and the experience was as well. 

     The condos were much like new construction as the bricks and some of the beams were the only old thing. Everything else was new but made to look the period. When you have an almost new building you can get 20-25% more for the units. Technically its not new but everything in them is new. 

     The from units facing the street are also worth more. The to upstairs units with balconies always sell for more. These were the first two units to sell s these units are harder to find. The balconies, French doors, views to the rear yard were all so nice.

     The builder used pine wood floors in all the units, no carpet. All the front units had high ceiling with lots of exposed brick. Everything else was new made to look old. 

     Having a large courtyard for 7 units is not the norm in the French Quarter and adds to the value as it is easily accessible to all the units.

     We sold the two front balcony units before they were finished so I have few photos of those units. There were historic tax credits involved with these and had to be sold early to take advantage of the credits. This however is not the norm in the New Orleans Condo Market.

Unit E was a two bedroom, two Bath townhouse style. Lots of light
Looking out the back door of Condo A to the two rear units.
Large brick courtyard as a common area for all the units
Balcony of one of the front Condos,some great views.....
The two rear units overlooking the courtyard

Let's see what the condos look like inside....

Valuted ceiling and exposed brick in the top rear condo...
New wood plank floors and lots of natural light.
The front unit that opened onto the street and courtyard.
Open floor plan in tese units gives you a larger feel. Slate tile floors 
The bathrooms had to be small as we were working with small spaces. Small but elegant...
This is a condo complex down the street. Just an amazing display...

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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