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Sellers Needs
    Best thing to do when getting your plan ready to sell is clean and shine and fix things that may hurt the sale. Sal Cannizaro can do all the things we suggest to fix. It is like spending hundreds and getting thousand more for a place that really looks and feels nice.

      Always great to mmake sure your a/c and heater has been cleaned and checked during the past year. Inspectors always look these over. Mike Huguet is very good at checking and cleaning the units. We can show this to the buyers and it becomes a plus.

For the Buyers

     Best thing for the buyers to do is Choose a local lender. They have done a lot of lending in the units all over the New Orleans Market. They work fast and correctly. They know all about the local condo complexes.

     Choose an Experienced Inspector that looks for defects and has experience. Guy with Professional Home Inspections has over 20 years experience and can find the defects that may be hidden. 

    Choose a Title Company that works correctly and quickly and can answer your questions about the title work and what is happening to the sale of the property.

    Condo Insurance HO6 policy. All State is a local Insurance that works quickly and has some great prices compared to other vendors. They get the check on the condo association done quickly. Ross Shales Office.

     Nola Lending, Patrict Holder  Nola Lending is the best lender for Condos in the New Orleans Metro Area. They know all the condo associations and know how to quickly approve the condos. They have multiple loans in most condo associations.

    Patrick Holder is the senor loan officer that I recommend to all buyers. His office is 7820 Maple Street, New Orleans, La. 70118. Easy lot to park him to get him to pre-approve you. Easy person to call also.
 Office # is 504-293-9751 Cell is 504-453-1577, 

Kay Richardson at Bayou Title 
in Lakeview, 7121 Catina Street,70124
Next Door to the Gardner Lakeview Office
"One of the Best"


Bob Bergeron with experience and lots of great workers
       His office is at 7820 Maple Street in New Orleans. His workers prepare the closing and let the buyers and sellers know what needs to be done. Easy Access in Uptown New Orleans. Easy place to park for the sale. 


Patrick Holder with NOLA Lending
    Patrick is one of the best lenders in the New Orleans Metro Area. He can do all kinds of loans and does them quickly. Always best to get pre-approved with him before making an offer. He can explain the needs, rates ect. NOLA Lending is the best lender for condos as they do so many and are owned by Fidelity Homestead which is a local bank. He works fast and correctly. He has been successful hundreds of times.


Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115