Selling your New Orleans Condo! Print advertising is doing little to sell your Condo! People want to see it!

      I stopped doing newspaper ads  6 years ago when I noticed no one would call on them.  The ads in the newspaper and in the real estate magazines are expensive and give you little or no return on your investment.  The small chance to sell via print ads is getting smaller by the year.  Wonder why newspapers and the post office are in trouble.  The Internet has taken over as the place to start your New Orleans condo search.

       Six years ago  is about the same time I got interested in websites and how they can promote your properties.  What can a person really learn about a property, only that it is precious and the very basics from print.  People want to see photos first.  You get showings if you can show off your property in the best possible light.

     The wide angle digital camera has become a "must have tool" in the current real estate business. This leads into some the most  important way in which you need to promote your properties in the Internet age. Make sure you take great photos that can highlight the best features of your New Orleans condo. The photos should promote what you are selling. Its a lifestyle presentation in many cases. You should capture the common areas of the condo association as well the interior features.


          In this photo I wanted to show the high ceilings, open floor plan, wood floors and the natural light from the large windows.  I figured it was also helpful to write on the photos to point out a feature at a time.  More than one feature tended to clutter the photo.



       Trying shots from different angles gives you a different look and gives you a different feel for the size of the rooms and other features.  You can always take a lot of photos and come back to clean up your mistakes.  I am always amazed that I never take enough.  Next time I will have to clean up the sink  as the photo tends to capture it all.   As a seller you should make every effort to have the property in tip top shape as this is the start of the selling process.   Start well and the chances go up in finishing well.


       Getting the photos of the better features of the common areas are important as well.  In this photo I wanted to show the historic nature of the complex as well as the pool and courtyard.  I took this from a second story window as I had never seen this angle before.  Each time I try to get some of the features I may have missed on previous shots.

     You can put up to 12 photos in the New Orleans MLS so an agent should use them wisely.  Using both the best features of the interior and common areas should give the viewer a feel for what they are getting or would like to look at.  A "picture is worth a thousand words" is never more true in real estate as in today’s Internet marketing.

     I cannot only use the photos for the New Orleans MLS but can post them on Craig’s list, local Blogs, websites, flyers, slideshows and even Face Book.  Is your agent doing this for you?

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115