Your New Orleans Condo did not sell !

     There may be many reasons why your condo did not sell and there may be just one.  Could it be that there were just no buyers for this unit ?  In selling condos getting the right exposure is the key to getting your condo sold.  Did your agent really know the New Orleans Condo Market ?  This could be your second chance to get your condo sold. 

       Picking the right Agent !   Did your agent have a grasp of the local market in condos.  Did he or she know the competition?  Did you agent review the positives and negatives of you unit?  This team focuses on the local condo market.  The experience factor does matter ! Did the agent give you feedback as the listing progressed as to what agents and buyers thought about the unit.  

      Premium Exposure !   Over 90% of the condo buyers start their search on the internet.  Did the condo look the best it could be?  Did the descriptions give the buyer a feel for the complex and the unit itself. Did the agent market it effectively with the internet in mind ? Very few condo buyers see the real estate sign and call.  There are rarely signs !   

      Pricing  has to be Correct !   Were the correct comparables used to establish your pricing?  How you compared to the competition is extremely important as buyers will rank your condo in the price range in which they are searching.  The appraisers look at past sales to get a value and buyers look at the competition.  Buyers will normally look at 7-8 units before narrowing their search to the top two or three.  Remember its not what you want or need, its the value of the condo. 

      Staged to sell !   Selling you condo in today´s market is much like a beauty contest.  Was your condo in top shape when buyers began to look?  Every condo has positives and negatives and you want to eliminate as many negatives as possible.  Getting a professional stager who knows how buyers think may be a valuable tool that can pay of handsomely in a sale !  The advice may be worth thousands of dollars and the cost a couple of hundred dollars. 

      Agent Feedback !   Sales do not just happen. Did you hear for the agent as to what buyers and agents were saying and thinking about your condo during the process.  Did he or she suggest adjustments during the process to make the sale happen ? 

      Give me a call to evaluate your condo and get it sold !  You will want to evaluate your future agent as well.  It´s a competitive real estate market and you need the best working for you !


Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115