Is Your Condo Ready for Sale ?

     Do you know what it takes to get your condo ready for showings. A lot of lttle things do pay large dividends and will get you a quicker sale. 

You Only Get One First Impression !!!!

     You and I will review your condo to see what should be done.  You want to have it extra clean and fresh.  You want to make any minor repairs.  Paint is cheap and that will often times maake the condo look so much better.  I will make you a "to do list".

    The other thing is to de clutter in order to make the condo look and feel larger.  You want the buyer to see the condo and not the stuff it has in it. We will decide what stays and goes so there will be clarity when the buyer decides to write an offer.

   In almost all cases all appliances remain with the condo. Window Treatments and Blinds are treated the same way.  If you have that special item that you wan it is often times better to replace before we get it listed. 

    We will want to make a list of recent updates and what it cost.  You want to let the buyers know what you have done.  Many buyers have no ideas what things cost.  You are in competition with other units so we want to show your unit in its best light. 

    I have a list of vendors that can help you with the task at hand. 


Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115