Condos for New Orleans Students
Medical, Dental, Law, Residents 
Know that Market Very Well

New Orleans is rather compact , lots of areas are withing 15-20 minutes


The Medical Schools are on the Edge of area 67


Condos for Students
Knowing all the Areas is a Key
Getting the Best Fit for You is My Job

    Over the years I have sold many condos to students going to LSU and Tulane Medical Schools. Residents doing their residency at the various New Orleans Hospitals. Law Students going to Loyola and Tulane Law Schools. LSU Dental School and University of New Orleans. I am very familiar with all the areas and the time it will take to get to the destination.

    I know which areas are safe and which areas resales are good in. Most condos are in good areas and in areas that did not flood. It is the nature of many condos in New Orleans to be very walkable and close to the streetcar line and public transportation.

   Most students and their parents want the same thing. They want safe walkable areas withing 15-20 minutes of the schools. The prices tend to fall big time when you get in Jefferson Parish which is next door to New Orleans. It is an easy drive to town and the areas are very safe. It will all depend on where the student wants to be.

    I just need to know the price range, style and the area where one wants to be. Livng here for over 50 years gives me insights into all these areas. I pay attention to value and where resales are going to be the best. I have had many students keep their condos as a second home or rent them out. Many times the parents take it over as a second home.

     There is also some great ways to finance the units and I can help you with the best that New Orleans has to offer. The rents here are very expensive so it does pay to look at buying a place when you add the rent up for 4-5 years.....


Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115