Before You List, 
You should Think about a few Ideas

Pre-listing Check List

   The New Orleans Market is very competitive for a seller in a Buyers Market.   There are a couple of thing you can do and should do before putting your condo on the market.  Making sure it looks great and putting everything is in order will put your condo in the Driver's seat to getting sold.  I have come up with some ideas that are not the norm but will enhance the marketing of your condo.  You may have some to add?

   Pre- Marketing Inspection  Before listing have an inspector review your condo. I have people who will do it for $175 and may save you in the long run.  He will check all the basics and give you a report so you can fix the things that need fixing.  The buyer will get their own but you know your unit is in good shape.

   A/C-Heating Serviced-   Most people forget to have their units serviced on a regular basis.  If you have not done this recently then do it before marketing.  It will give you peace of mind that one of the biggest mechanical expenses is taken care of.  Have the receipt handy and change the filters.  Buyers like to know that people take care of the place.

   FHA Financing Available?  Can your condo association be sold as an FHA loan.  It opens up the doors to more buyers who only need to put down 3.5% and have a much lower PMI premium.  The manager can look over the approval questionnaire to see if all the questions can be answered.  The Rules change in November of 2009.

   Paint is Cheap is cheap!   You want to touch up and dress up.  Your condo is going on a date and needs to look her best.  Touch up and freshen up is simple but rewarding.  Getting a professional job done can be the answer.  Nothing looks worst than a job poorly done.

   Professionally Cleaned !    Sounds simple but a lot of sellers forget.  You should do to do it on a regular basis to get the premium status.  The cluttered look may eliminate you from the race early on.  People smell as well as look so any smoking or pet odors is a big turnoff.

   Get an Appraisal   If you do not have faith in the numbers that your agent is giving you then you should get an appraisal.  The agent and the appraiser will be using the same properties.  You can often get a break in the cost as this will not be official.  The lender for the purchaser will have to get another no matter what.  

   The Reluctant Tenant!  This is a factor that cannot be understated.  Let's just be honest!   Tenants have little incentive to get the place sold and very few add to the positive impression.  Its an agents nightmare to get a messy tenant that cannot show when needed and keeps the place a mess.  This is a factor in all price ranges and in all areas.  There are few exceptions!


      I continue to see sellers not getting  the basics done.  In the end it will take longer and you will get less.  So take the steps to get your condo in premium shape for the big date ahead. 

      You only get to make that first impression once.   Spend some time and money to get as close as you can to a premium unit.  In a slow market those condos are still selling.

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115