Condo Dues
Paid monthly to the condo the association

The condo dues are generally paid monthly to the condo association. The Condo fees cover the insurances, maintains, upkeep of the common areas and all the costs of the condo association. The fees generally include reserves which is an amount set aside for cost increase and unexpected costs. The fees cover such things as electricity for common areas, security, elevator contracts, pool upkeep, cleanup of common areas, gym upkeep of shrubbery and plants, termite contracts and management fees.

The condo fees will not cover insurance on your possessions or your taxes on your individual unit.  The fees increase with a vote of the condo association members which is the owners. The largest number with the dues is usually the insurances. Condo fees are generally going to increase as cost rise. its always best to have a well maintained and updated building so it will appreciate in value.

The condo fees in New Orleans may be less than the cost of homeowners insurace for a house. This is a big issue ion todays market.


· Insurance, The largest charge for your condo fee is going to be causality and property insurance. This will be covered in all true condo associations. The flood insurance will also be covered. This will not include your contents, you need to get a condo contents policy which is about $400-$600 per year on your own. Many get this and many don´t.

· Common Area upkeep which includes repairs and cleaning areas that everyone owns

· Water and Sewerage Bills, Are generally included along with trash pickup.

· Common Area Utilities such as lights and a/c-heat of common areas

· Security, It could be on site security personnel, cameras, and gates.

· Pool Upkeep, costs of water and upkeep of exercise areas and equipment.

· Elevator Contracts, Contracts to maintain the elevators

· Landscaping, upkeep and watering of plants.

· Exterior upkeep, generally includes windows.

· Parking lot upkeep

· Gardening, Plants and flowers

· Management Fees, professional fees to keep the condos running smoothly.

· Pest Control, many condos have termite contracts and pest control

· Sprinkler System Contracts

· Supplies and waste removal

· Sometimes Cable and Wireless

· Reserves for future expenses to avoid assessments

· Inside Mail rooms, Front Desk, package Deliveries ?

· Peace of mind, a turn key operation. Priceless

· Party Rooms or meeting Rooms,  Common areas

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Feel free to ask questions because there are little subtle changes in all condo fees. The Federal Fibre Mills includes A/C in the fees. The Cotton Mills has basic cable included.  The Carol condos includes electricity. its always best to check with the condo association to make sure the condo fees are correct. The fees for each association will differ in some aspect.

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