Second Home Condo Buyers
Many Buyers are Looking for
 Second Home Condos

     A vast number of condo buyers are looking for second homes. It is good for them to know all the New Orleans neighborhoods that might be their favorite places. Many want to start in a specific neighborhood like the French Quarter. Once they review their ideas with me, they often change to find things that meet their desires.

    Then we talk about all the other neighborhoods and what the complexes have to offer.  Many want the complexes and amenities that are offered. There are a lot of neighborhoods and streets that meet their needs.

     The buyers want to know what the various neighborhoods have to offer. Where can they walk and what things are unique for the area. 

    The buyers want certain things in the complex. Many like pools,courtyards,great views, 24 hour security, parade routes, and historic feels. Once we know the Price, Bedrooms and Locations we can look at the top 3-5 that meet their criteria.

     I have sold so many second homes that I can let them know what they are looking for. We drove around and looked at the various choices that meet their needs. 

Maps of New Orleans Areas




French Quarter Streets


Warehouse District
LSU Medical School

Bywater Neighborhood

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Marcus Bouler
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