New Orleans Condos
A closer look at Individual Units
 I have Listed in the past couple of years.
A better View of what you may find!

      Looking at past listings of mine can give you more ideas and insights into the various choices that you may have.  I can give you insight into why they sold quickly and why they took a longer time than I had originally thought.  I am not always right and that is why you learn something from each transaction.
      Price is still biggest factor in selling and the time on the market.  After Price it the condition,location, upgrades and the various variables. 

     It will give you an insight as to what is available in more details in the New Orleans Condo Market.




 3915 St. Charles Ave. #312 St. Charles Garden
2/2 On The Streetcar Line

 Federal Fibre Mills Condo
$279,412, Great Condition

 1520 St. Mary Condos UNit G
Steps to St. Charles Ave., Lower Garden District


 Cotton Mill Condos #211, 4 Large Windows
920 Poeyfarre, New Orleans Warehouse District

 821 Perdido Unit C in CBD, Carriage House
Super Nice large one Bedroom, garage parking

 404 Notre Dame #18-2/2 Corner Condo
New Orleans Warehouse District



 909 Lafayette Street, 3 bedroom unit
New Orleans Warehouse District

 760 Magazine Street 2/2 Townhouse Style, Magazine Place Condos 

 933 Burgundy Creole Townhome
New Orleans French Quarter



  Federal Fibre Mills #520
New Orleans Warehouse District Penthouse

 Federal Fibre Mills #412
New Orleans Warehouse District

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115