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Near Tulane University




Old Jefferson, La. 70121


Federal Fibre Mills, Warehouse District


     New Orleans Condos
A closer look at Individual Units
 I have Listed in the past couple of years.

A better View of what you may find!

      Looking at past listings of mine can give you more ideas and insites into the various choices that you may have.  I can give you insite into why they sold quickly and why they took a longer time than I had origionally thought.  I am not always right and that is why you learn something from each transaction.

      Price is still biggest factor in selling and the time on the market.  After Price it the condition,location, upgrades and the various variables. 





 909 Layayette Street, 3 Bedroom
Corner Condo, $429,909

 Federal Fibre Mills #413, Updated
1107 S. Peters Condo Furnished

 333 Julia Street, Julia Place Condo 226
Warehouse District 2/1
 , Totally Updated




 3003 Royal Street Condo 3/2
Bywater Neighborhood, Brand New

 Federal Fibre Mills Condos #217
One Bedroom Loft, Great Condition

 1520 St. Mary, Lower Garden District, 
Very Historic Condo


 1107 S. Peters #413
Federal Fibre Mills, Great City Views

 4610 Prytania Street Condo 2/2
Large Corner Condo Uptown

 2019 Camp Street #2 Sold
Historic Conversion $149,000



 1020 Esplanade #103, 
French Quarter Quarter Condo

 1520 St. Mary Condos, Unit G
Lower Garden District, Large One Bedroom

 1107 St. Peter, Federal Fibre Mills
Penthouse Condo on Corner


1129 Jackson Ave #8
Townhome Condo Style

 330 Julia Street, #323
Street Views, The Rotunda Condos

 1107 S. Peters #412, Great Views
Federal Fibre Mills Condos


 920 Poeyfarre #211-Designer Condo
Cotton Mill Condos-Warehouse District

 Cotton Mill Condos #349
New Orleans Warehouse District

 Cotton Mills Condos #307
New Orleans Warehouse District


 700 South Peters 2/2 Sold
New Orleans Warehouse District

 Cotton Mill Condos 2/2 Corner Unit
920 Poeyfarre, Warehouse District

 909 Lafayette #9
Executive Style Condo



 528 N. Rampart #4
New Orleans French Quarter

 404 Notre Dame #9 Condos
Whitney and Sloo Condos

 Gallery Row Condos #203
448 Julia Street-Warehouse District


 920 Poeyfarre #279
Cotton Mill Condos

1107 South Peters #213
Federal Fibre Mills Condos

 448 Julia Street 303, Gallery Row
New Orleans Warehouse District

  River Ridge Condo, Steamship Circle

 64 Avant Garde Condo  Sold
Avant Garde Condos, Kenner La.

 Steamship Circle Condo, River Ridge Sold
2856 D Steamship Circle $189,000

1750 St. Charles Ave #639
Uptown New Orleans

Warehouse Condos New Orleans

Cotton Mill Condos, New Orleans Condos

Cotton Mills, New Orleans Warehouse District

Cotton Mill #308 Sold
920 Poeyfarre, 

Large One Bedroom

Cotton Mill Condo #424 Sold
920 Poeyfarre,

The Views made this specail 

#368 Cotton Mill Condo
2/2 Corner Unit

Large Corner Unit, City Views

Cotton Mill Condos #331, 
Warehouse District.
2 bedrooms Stacked

Cotton Mill #352
Warehouse District Condos
Not updated, did not Sell

Cotton Mill Condos #406 
SOLD 920 Poeyfarre

Staged, and the Views

Cottonmill Condo, Warehouse District

 Cottonmill Condos #150 Sold
Warehouse District
Courtyard Unit, 3 windows

  Cotton Mills #433
New Orleans Warehouse Dist
Tentant Occupied

Cotton Mill Condos #349 
Cotton Mill Condos
2 bedroom Stacked

New Orleans Condos

2337 Magazine St. Condos
New Condo Conversion

2818 Constance Street 4 Units
Uptown Condo Conversion

3201 St Charles Ave #313 Sold
Location, St. Charles Ave.

#220, One Metairie Place Condos, Metairie, LA

New orleans Uptown Condos

 2601 Metairie Lawn 220
One Metairie Place Condo

 330 Lowerline Street
Uptown New Orleans

1627 Conery Street Condo
Uptown New Orleans

Uptown 2 Bedroom



 Audubon French Quarter Condos
Condo Pre-Sales

400 Old Hammond Highway
Parc Du Lac, Metairie 
Luxury Lake Front Condos

309 Opal St. Unit 2C Street 
Lakeview Condos
Lake Front New Orleans

 River Ridge Condos Steamship Circle Condos in River Ridge

3915 St. Charles Ave

 2836 Steamship Circle #C
  Super Nice Floorplan

 2812 Steamship Circle #A Sold
River Rdige , Steamship Circle

   3915 St. Charles Ave #214
St. Charles Garden Condos


 Rue Chardonnay Condo 2F
Kenner,La 70065

 1500 W. Esplanade, Kenner 
Rue Chardoney 3 bedrooms

  82 Avante Garde $143,500 Sold

 #220, One Metairie Place Condos, Metairie, LA  

 2601 Metairie Lawn 220
One Metairie Place Condo

 330 Lowerline Street
Uptown New Orleans

  1228 Royal Street #7
New Orleans French Quarter

  920 Poeyfarre #302, Cotton Mill Condos, Warehouse District, New Orleans, LA 

 3725 Marion Court
Metairie, La. Furnished

 Cotton Mills #302- 237k
2/2 Best Buy Today

 1750 St. Charles Ave #639
Uptown New Orleans

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115