New Orleans Condo Reviews

     The New Orleans Condo Site is designed to give you the buyer or seller a great idea what each condo association offers as well as the neighborhoods. People buy in a price ranges, styles, amenities, views, parking, upgrades and locations. The value of selling about 200 condos in the past 8 years is that you learn what people  want and where they can find it. Experience in real estate does matter. You will not overpay using Eric as your realtor.

    New Orleans has many unique neighborhoods that I will cover on this site.  Starting with the Bywater, Marigny, French Quarter, Lower Garden District, Garden District, Uptown, University, Lakeview, Lakefront, Midcity in New Orleans I will have plenty of  photos to give you that New Orleans neighborhood feel. Looking for a second home, primary residence, or investment condo. 

    The Jefferson Parish condo review will be about Old Metairie, Metairie, Kenner, River Ridge, Old Jefferson, and Harahan.  These are all towns that are close to New Orleans and where prices become much cheaper. New Is compact and you are never too far from anything. 

     Once we have reviewed all the Neighborhoods and complexes we can talk about the buying and selling process.  The know how to start the search and start the selling process does matter. I will share 18 years of real estate experience with you.

             Eric's Best Vendors for Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate. Look at the Newer Condo Complexes and Conversions in New Orleans Real estate Market 2018 & 2019. My listing for Condo listings for 2019 and the Trends for the Cpmplexes. Best to know a lot about the complexes.

Listing & Selling Your New Orleans Metro Condo in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes

         Listing and selling your condo with a very successful agent like Eric Bouler is a great way to List and Sell your condo. Eric has had over 250 successful sales with lots of Experience. Eric knows all the neighborhoods, Many of the complexes and what the competition is for the listing. Knowing the Condo Association, Recent Updates, and getting the condo clean is important. I also meet the agents and their clients at my listings so I can tell them all the details about the condo and the complex.

Uptown NOLA

New Orleans Warehouse District Condos


     The New Orleans Warehouse District is considered downtown New Orleans. The vast majority of condos in this area were once factories and warehouses that had been converted into rentals and later into condos.  The characteristics that people like are the high ceilings, exposed brick, large windows, street views, wood floors, and that "Warehouse Feel". Owners like to walk and not have to use their cars all the time. 

    The Warehouse District is home to many attractions and very close to other areas that people enjoy visiting.  The Convention Center is one end of the Warehouse District and the Louisiana Super Dome and New Orleans Arena are the the other end. The French Quarter is across Canal Street and is an easy walk from the District.   Other attractions include the World War II Museum, Childern's  Museum, Harrah's Casino, Aquarium of the Americas, River Walk Outlet Mall, Spanish Plaza, River Front Streetcar Line, Lafayette Square, and ....Street.  

     You then add in all the art galleries, fine  restaurants, bars, hotels, and Cruise Ships and you get a pretty busy New Orleans Warehouse District.  Check out my neighborhood link to all the photos about the New Orleans Warehouse neighborhood. 

The Bakery Condos
1111 S. Peters
700 S. Peters, Warehouse
835 Julia Street
450 John Churchill Chase 
610 John Churchill Chase
Tchoupitoulas Street
404 Notre Dame
700 Commerce St.
Warehouse District
Corner of Notre Dame
Warehouse District Condos
Corner of Barone
Across Lafayette Park.
New Condos in 2014

French Quarter Condos, New Orleans


     The New Orleans French Quarter Real Estate Market  is comprised of mostly condos and a few homes.  The vast majority of condos are used as second homes.  Parking is limited and most condos will not have parking. Many park in nearby lots or do not even bring cars with them as everything is within walking distance to their condo.  The prices per square foot of the condos are going to be the highest in New Orleans as the French Quarter has no more room.  The French Quarter is almost 300 years old as it was where New Orleans began.

    The styles and types of units are going to vary greatly in style.  Few of the associations were built as condos.  Most were converted from other uses.  There are some larger complexes but most of the associations are small with many having from 4-8 units. The historic nature of the building is what people like.  Having hidden courtyards, fountains, balconies, hanging baskets and views all add to the allure of having a second home in the French Quarter.  

      Most of the condos are going to be smaller than other ares of town but when people visit New Orleans they tend to be out and about much more.  There are plenty of things to do and see within 10 blocks of your condo.  The more desirable features of a condo here is to have a balcony that overlooks the street. These do become pricey because there are just not that many to be had.  The features people like is to have that courtyard right out your from door with fountains and pools.       

Lower Garden District Condos

     The Lower Garden District was one of the first neighborhoods in New Orleans.  It was once home to plantations and larger estates.  The area is very historic as you will see with all my photos of the area. The area starts with the end of the New Orleans Warehouse District and ends with the beginning of the Garden District at Jackson Avenue.  The Condo market is going to vary greatly in this area with style and type of complexes.  The larger complexes were built in the 1970's on St. Charles Ave.  Thirty years ago only older people lived in condos in retirement.  That has now changed as housing prices have sky rocketed leaving condos a great alternative. 

      Many of the complexes were not built as condos but converted from apartments, multifamily units, old homes and shells of old buildings. In the Lower Garden District you really begin to feel the neighborhood.  You are between Magazine Street and St. Charles Ave. in most cases. You are close to everything. You get more for your money and you actually have more to do as an owner.  Parking is generally easy and most complexes come with parking.  If they do not street parking is easy. 

    Catch the St. Charles Streetcar to Uptown or to the French Quarter.  The French Quarter is just a long walk away.  Walk to Magazine Street to visit shops, eats, and drinks that can only be found in New Orleans.  If you like historic homes and condos this is an area to learn about and I will be your


1750 St. Charles Ave
1224 St. Charles Ave.
1441 Jackson Condos
1441 Jackson Ave.

Lafayette Oaks Condos
1436 Jackson Ave.

1430 Jackson Ave.
New Conversion 2014

               1446 Camp St. 
Coliseum Square Condos
               1544 Camp Street 
Near Coliseum Square
The Victorian Condos
1629 Coliseum Street
Mayfair Condos
1783 Coliseum St.
1803 Coliseum Condos
Near the Square
           Near Magazine Street
          1118 Orange St. Condos
               Coliseum Square
St. Mary Street
Near Coliseum Square

Garden District Condos, Uptown Condos, University

     The Garden District is New Orleans is among the most impressive  neighborhoods in the United States in terms of historic homes, gardens of all styles.  New Orleans was one of the wealthiest cities in the 1850's  when many homes in this neighborhood began.

    Many of the condos you will see on St. Charles Avenue were conversions of apartments built during the 1970's that were later turned into condos.  There are a few homes that were turned into condos that will really give you that historic feel of New Orleans. These conversions are not the norm on St. Charles Ave.  One of the neatest conversion are the 1920 to 1930 small apartment complexes that have been converted into condos.

   The Magazine Street Condos are on the edge of the Garden District and almost all of the are conversions from apartments and old homes. They all have that historic appeal and many historic features like high ceilings, wood floors, old fireplaces, large windows, and historic woodwork.  

    As you get closer to Audubon Park you find fewer condos along St. Charles Ave.  You find them in neighborhoods around Audubon Park and the Universities. The University area is home to Tulane University and Loyola University. Both Universities have Law Schools and many graduate programs. The LSU and Tulane Medical Schools are about 70 blocks away.  Many Medical Students buy in this area and areas between the Medical schools.

Great Area for Residents & Med StudentsUniversity/Uptown Second Home Area "Condos for College Students", Tulane/Loyola
St. Elizabeths Condos
1314 Napoleon Ave.
Napoleon Court Condos
1620 Napoleon Ave.
3400 Magazine Condos
Louisiana &  Magazine
Charles House Condos
3000 St. Charles Ave.
Andrew Jackson Condos
1550 Second Street

3201 St. Charles Condos
3201 St. Charles Ave.
Commodore Condos
3300 St. Charles Ave.
St. Charles Gardens
3915 St. Charles Ave.
"4007 St. Charles Condos"
4007 St. Charles Ave.
The Hawthorne Condos
4219 St. Charles Avenue
2336 Magazine Street
Magazine Street Condos
2334 -2338 Magazine St.
Garden District Condos
2415 Magazine Street
1111-1113 Second Street
2512  Magazine St.
Victorian Home to Condo
Neighborhood Condos in
Garden District & Uptown
7444 St. Charles Ave.
University Area
River Bend Condos
248 Cherokee
732 Cherokee Condos
Corner of Maple Street
The Upperline Condos
Lyons & Coliseum
8416 Oak Street Condos
Uptown New Orleans
Park VII Condos
170 Walnut Street

Cabana Club Gardens
2833 St. Charles Ave. 
Garden District
The Neighborhood
Uptown New Orleans
The Neighborhood
4716 Annunciation Condo
Old School Converted

St. Charles Avenue Condos
    St. Charles Avenue has a lot of history and a lot of condos that line the Avenue as it makes it way from Canal Street to Carrolton Avenue.  I will walk you down the Avenue pointing out the condos and the many landmarks along the way. A Great way to get a feel for the neighborhood and New Orleans. It's becoming a great place to reside and have a second home.  There is a lot to see and talk about so this page will be updated with time.

Lakefront, Lakeview, MidCity

      Lakeview Condos and Lakefront Condos are going to be much newer than condos in the other areas of the City. Most of the larger complexes were built as condos. There are fewer conversions as there were few building to convert from other uses.  There will be a few but they will be smaller and will found in neighborhoods.

     The Lakefront condos are on Lake Pontchartrain where people like lake views and being near the lake.  The complexes will have more amenities , easy parking, pools, gyms and are generally larger than those in the older neighborhoods of New Orleans.  The Lakeview Life Style is for those who love the outdoors, walking, boating and being close to town. Its only 10-12 minutes to get to the center of town.  You can easily walk to 15 "eats and drinks" from your condo.  

     I have included the Pontchartrain Place Condos and Fleur Du Lac Condos that are in Jefferson Parish in an area we know as Bucktown. Its just right down the street on the lake. 

     Mid City by City Park is another area on the move and offers some condos that are close to the city but are within walking distance to City Park along Bayou St. John.  The area is becoming more and more popular and it is hard to find homes for sale. 
Marseilles Condos
232 Lake Marina
Lake Marina Towers
300 Lake Marina Dr.
"Pier Eight Condos"
318 Lake Marina Dr.
"Harbor View Condos"
500 Lake Marina Dr.
"Light House Harbor"
7300 Lakeshore Dr.
Fleur du lac Condos
400 Old Hammond Hwy.
"Pontchartrain Place"
 420 Old Hammond Hwy.
Lake Breeze Condos
209 Opal
Tara House Condos
Lakeview New Orleans
Other Condos
"Park St. John Condos"
Bayou St. John
"818 Moss Street"
Villa St. John Condos
"3009-3011 Desoto Condos"
Mid City Neighborhood
Mid City
The Neighborhood
Other Condos
Mid City NOLA
Town Homes in Lakeview
Another Life Style
"Mariners Cove Townhomes"
A Lakefront Community 
Lake View -Lake Front
Other Condos
Lake View
The Neighborhood
"Lakefront Condos"
The Neighborhood

Old Metairie, Jefferson, Metairie,
 Harahan, River Ridge, Kenner

      Jefferson Parish is home to many condo associations and town home  developements that were built to be condos. The condo associations are generally larger as there are fewer conversions.  When conversions did take place it was to convert a large apartment complex into condos.  The prices really drop in Jefferson as you move from Orleans. The areas in this area are within 5-8 miles of downtown New Orleans and make for an easy commute or a second home at half the cost of those in New Orleans.

      The Condos and town homes in Old Metairie are going to be closest to New Orleans.  Most of the developments are off of Metaire Road and town homes where they are zoned. Its a great neighborhood feel with everything close by.

     The Jefferson Highway area is going to be close to Uptown and Audubon Park and offer an easy commute and a great location of being close to the airport, I-10, and all points in New Orleans. Its all about 20 minutes away. You get a lot more for your money in this area. Its like getting things for 50% off for being 3-5 miles from town.
     Metairie is going to have most of the condos off of Veterans Blvd. They are all going to be close to shopping, playgrounds, easy access to Causeway, Airport, I-10 and most parts of New Orleans. The complexes are going to be larger with no parking issues. You can walk to the grocery in most cases.  Its about 15 minutes to the French Quarter via I-610.
Delimon Place
Town Homes-Old Metairie
Delimon Place Condos
801 Metairie Road
Metairie Towers Condos
401 Metairie  Road
Old Metairie Town Homes
Old Metairie
One Metairie Place Condos
Metairie Lawn Drive 
Old Metairie Town Houses
In Neighborhoods
Audubon Trace Condos
Jefferson Hwy
Pecan Grove Town Homes
Old Jefferson
Metro View Condos
3801 Houma Blvd.
Marion Court Condos
3725 Marion Court
Pontchartrain Caye 
3901 Ridgelake
Chateau Ridgelake
3013 Ridgelake, Metairie
Les Chalets Condos
4445 Perkins, Metairie
Cleary Condos
3456 Cleary Ave.
More Metairie Condos
Jefferson Parish
Elmwood Oaks Condos
832 S. Clearview

Steamship Circle Condos
River Ridge, Several
Old Jefferson
The Neighborhood
Harahan-River Ridge
The Neighborhood 
More Kenner Condos
Kenner, La. 70065
Avant GardeCondos,Kenner.jpg

Rue Chardonney Condos
1500 Esplanade Kenner
Avante Garde Condos
Esplanade Ave. Kenner
724 Village Road, Kenner
Cobblestone Village
Bourdeaux Village
Fee Simple Townhouses 
Chateau Lafitte
Garden Homes, Kenner
Past Listings, Take a Look....


402 Audubon Trace Condo
3 Bedrooms & Garage
Pontchartrain Caye on Lake
3901 Ridgelake 4A, Metairie
 Sold 4321 Danneel Street 3/2
Uptown New Orleans Condo
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Lots of Details and Photos

Condo Knowledge, Buying & Selling

     When Purchasing a condo there are going to be some differences from purchasing a home.  Most of the differences are going to be in the area of financing.  Buying a condo in New Orleans, it is far better to use a local lender that knows how to finance condos.  I have several lendes who have been very successful and close on time.  

    Below are many of the questions that I am asked about by buyers and sellers. You will find these useful whether you are purchasing a condo as a primary residence, a second home or for an investment.  
  • "...I've never had a sale go so smoothly, especially in these real estate trying times. She helped us get the loan, the inspection, and even did the walk thru for us because we couldn't get down to Florida for it. She was fantastic and patient with us through the whole process, and we can't thank her enough! Thanks Again!" –Martin - NY

  • "...I've never had a sale go so smoothly, especially in these real estate trying times. She helped us get the loan, the inspection, and even did the walk thru for us because we couldn't get down to Florida for it. She was fantastic and patient with us through the whole process, and we can't thank her enough! Thanks Again!" –Martin - NY

  • "...I've never had a sale go so smoothly, especially in these real estate trying times. She helped us get the loan, the inspection, and even did the walk thru for us because we couldn't get down to Florida for it. She was fantastic and patient with us through the whole process, and we can't thank her enough! Thanks Again!" –Martin - NY

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