1107 S. Peters
Federal Fiber Mills
New Orleans, La. 70130
New Orleans Warehouse District

Warehouse District Condos EB


Designed in 1904 by architects Favrot and Livaudals the Federal Fibre Mills warehouse was completed in 1907 and used for the production of rope, largely for ships in port. It was used as a pavilion for the 1984 New Orleans World´s Fair. The old rope factory, built of heavy timber, is an interesting study of conversion efficiency. Over one million dollars was spent on initial cleanup with a deep desire to preserve the character and flavor of both the New Orleans tan bricks and the first growth heart of Southern yellow pine. Because the building is listed on the National Register for Historic Places, strict guidelines for modification of the structure were followed. A fireplace which was part of the old office had each of its 1,000 bricks numbered so it could be assembled as it was. 

Degrading a dock-high floor allowed for apartments with loft bedrooms. Creating three levels out of two floors and adding a penthouse to the roof, generated substantial additional square footage and exceptionally nice spaces. The conversion led to 140 units all being different floorplans to take advantage of the historical nature of the structure. No 2 units are alike and are spread over the 5 floors. This was one of the first comversions so if updates have not been done in the kitchen and baths they will look old and be old as the conversion was done 15 years ago. The trend at the time was a lot of levels and lofts. It all depends on what has be done to the unit as to how nicely it has been updated. A lot of the units have been changed and upgraded.

Today the Federal Fibre Mills in the New Orleans Warehouse District is still a special conversion because of the amount of time, effort and detail put into the common areas such as the lobby, courtyard, and location within the area. You are across the street from a park and a block from the New Orleans Convention Center.
This is also a great condo complex in which a New Orleans Warehouse second home makes a lot of sense due the security and great common areas.
Update Fall 2007

The Federal Fibre Mills has become one of the most popular condos in the Warehouse District. Most of the people like them for their common ground grounds, courtyards and lobby. As time goes on this is a favorite of second homers and young doctors that work in the nearby Medical complexs of LSU and Tulane. many people have updated the units to give many of the units a great Warehouse feel.

Large park across the Street, between the Fibre Mills and the Convention Center

Fibremills Lobby Warehouse District EB
High end lobby with open atrium of 5 stories 


Federal Fibre Mills Condos Courtyard
Party room and exercise room in the background on a New Orleans rainy day


Federal Fibre Mills, Warehouse Distict
Loft style living that is a common floor plan in the Fibre Mills


Warehouse District Condo, Federal Fibre Mills
High ceilings in living areas, exposed beams, and exposed bricks are the norm  


Warehouse District Condos
The Common areas are top notch for downtown living.

Special Courtyard and Pool, one of the finest common areas in Warehouse District 

Exposed brick walls in a two bedroom flat overlooking courtyard.



Many units have been updated and completely redone over the past 20 years

 High ceilings and exposed beams are the norm.


Loft style bedrooms are also the norm in many units,remember these are 20 years old.


Spiral Stair case to loft bedroom, this unit has the bedrooms stacked on one another.

Interior Courtyard views, as the building is L shaped


Room to Bar-B Que and relax in tree shaded common areas


 Top notch courtyard, Pool and hot tub, Small Gym


Federal Fibre Mills Gym eric bouler.com
The gym is on the second floor with bathrooms on the first


The condos feature valet parking and one off street parking space per unit. A 24 hour doorman and an on site security officer, elevators, high ceilings, cypress beams, brick walls, large rooms make this a truly unique place to live. An in ground pool and court yard , clubhouse exersize room with equipment, large lobby. The condo fees include basic cable, heating and cooling, water, exterior insurance, termite contract, upkeep of property and common areas. There are one bedroom units that range in size from approximately 500 sq. ft. to almost 900 sq. ft.. The prices on these units are changing with time,it will depend on the condition and size of the units.  Most of the 2 bedrooms  will be in the 1000 sq. ft to 1300 sq. ft. and the price will vary from 275k to 350k plus. The Penthouse units will be much more and range up to sq. ft. The condos fees start at around $400 per month but remember the heating and cooling is included . The condition of the units make a huge difference. Detailed info is available upon request.

Federal Fibre Mills New Orleans
The A/C is a chiller system so condo fees do include this not your electric bill

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